Mala Gallery, Warsaw, 8, Plac Zamkowy
from March 3 - April 3, 1998


Anna Beata Bohdziewicz - Tunisian Diary

"Obstinately in spite of everything she continously makes her small black and white photographs ..." - that is what I wrote two months ago about myself. That is true - this is my conscious artistic choice. But reality is very colourful. The colours fascinate us, they tempt us ... especially when we spend vacations in some exotic country. Wouldn't that be a sin to take only black and white pictures in such circumstances? And what about making colour and black and white pictures? And perhaps the best solution would be to print the same pictures in black and white and in colour? What will happen when I will hang them side by side? Which print will be "better"? Which version will be more faithful, more veritable, more artistic, more my own?

This experiment raises some questions. Does it give answers to them?

Sfax. The suburbs. The old and the new.

A NNA Beata Bohdziewicz used to include travel pictures in her Photodiary she is continuing since begining of the eighties. This time she introduces colour for the first time. Nevertheless she still "feels merciless passing of time when pushing the shutter button". The Photodiary still remains very subjective way of recording of events. The question is if this fragment of life was recorded in colour just because it was a time of exotic journey or because the artist wanted to emphasize deceitfuly a thesis that banality and some absurdity of everyday events have similiar dimensions. That neither colour nor exotic character of a place do not influence basically our behaviour or habits. It does not influence the behaviour of the artist either. She always keeps her camera with her and she still photographs what she wants and when she wants to. One can see it at these pictures. This experimenting with colour does not interfere with and does not change her credo:

"... I do photograph the way I want to. I do not make commissioned photographs, I make them for the future, for the History, for You and mostly for myself, bassicaly for myself ..."

And really so. These colour photographs taken in Tunisia do not alter this attitude. We are still dealing with the Photodiary, which for a moment happened to be full of colours. But not really different.

Marek Grygiel

Quotations from: A.B.Bohdziewicz "Photodiary or the Song on the End of the World." Galeria Pusta, Katowice, 1993.

The last moments of delight in the swimming pool.

Zaafrane. We have reached the desert and in a moment we will mount these camels...


Anna B. Bohdziewicz and Marek Grygiel in Mala Gallery, March 3, '98.
Fot. Piotr Kubat / GW

Anna B. Bohdziewicz's "Tunisian Diary" in Mala Gallery in Warsaw.
Fot. K. Wojciechowski


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